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Like so many American families, agriculture and the businesses of Columbia Basin Holdings is a family affair for the Cleavers. All members of the family have contributed to the businesses in multiple ways, down through the generations, from seasonal and support roles to full-time occupations.


The Cleaver family is pictured at left. They are, from left: Richard Cole and Addie Cole in front of their sons, Samuel and Matthew Cole, Madison Nichols, Bonnie Cleaver, Alan Cleaver, Larysa Cleaver, Jackson Cleaver, Tandy Cleaver, Jason Cleaver, Kylie Nichols and Garrett Nichols. In loving memory, Kenny Nichols [1972-2017]. Also pictured in the front row are family dogs Harley and Dakota.


In addition to Alan’s active and ongoing leadership in the businesses, two members of the family are involved in key roles for the companies that support Columbia Basin Holdings. Pictured with Alan (center) are Richard Cole, (left) and Jason Cleaver (right).

Richard Cole works for Columbia Basin Farming and is the area manager for organic onions. Richard has been working for Columbia Basin Farming since 2010.


Jason Cleaver works in sales for Columbia Basin Onion and Weston Mountain Onions. Jason has been working for the company since 2014.

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Alan is an Oregon native and a third-generation farmer, who graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in crop science. Alan was nominated and selected to receive the 2019 OSU College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Leader Award. His roots are in Eastern Oregon agriculture where he grew up on a potato farm in Nyssa, Oregon.

Alan moved to the Hermiston area in 1975, and was hired as the Agronomist for Eastern Oregon Farming Company where he managed production that included a standard rotation of potatoes, alfalfa, and wheat. Alan married his wife Bonnie, a Hermiston native, and as a team began raising their family and building their farm. Now these fourth and fifth generations are playing significant roles in continuing the family farming tradition.


He has also built a family of agriculture-related businesses, beginning with Columbia Basin Spreaders in 1979, doing custom spreading, trucking and farming.

Today, Alan owns and operates, along with his family and a dedicated team of ag professionals, a variety of farming operations growing grass seed, sweet corn, onions, organic produce and industrial hemp.

Columbia Basin Holdings and their family of businesses believe in and practice sustainability and vertically integrated agriculture. Our focus is to grow, process and sell the crops in our care. We do that by caring for the land and the people who rely on it for their nourishment and livelihood.

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